Wednesday, 12 March 2014

March-ing On!

Not sure whether you spotted us in the local press.  The Stourbridge News, obviously stumped for exciting news, featured us in last week's issue.  Inkeeping with Voodoo Street's underground image, we argued the case for donning masks (Point Break style), but sadly, the photographer insisted we reveal our identities to the folk of Stourbridge.  We guess it could've been worse.  The sun shone brightly that day for the first time in what seemed like months and we found a pretty cool graffiti backdrop!  

The photo which made it into the story was taken in front of the darker part of the graffiti, featuring a Slash-from-Guns 'n' Roses-style character, due to the intense sunlight bouncing off the wall and blinding the photographer.  But we managed to take this pic in front of the more vibrant part, which we think does justice to our new Vibe tee.  What do you think?  

As a result of the article, we've picked up some positive reviews of our new design and more new followers from the Dudley area, so it's all good!

Now Spring has sprung, we've launched our new 5 panel snapbacks in black and navy.  We decided to buck the trend of shouting from the rafters branding and have instead opted for a cool, more understated look.  

We're also continuing to develop new sticker designs, so any BMXers, skaters, car pimpers or stickerbombers, check out the website.  Our stickers now have their own category, to make the website more user-friendly.

We've also altered the category layout, so as well as having all the products available to view at one time, if you're specifically looking for men's tees, just click on "Men's" etc. etc.  This should hopefully save you all some time.

In other news, we're pretty excited to have got hold of tickets to see the BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester next month. Anyone else going?  Look out for us and come say hi!


6.02 pm

Anyone been watching Inside No. 9?  Each week there's a new darkly comic story.  Tonight's the final episode and, judging by this promo poster, the producers have drawn upon the same influences as we did for our Vintage "Haunting of Voodoo Street" women's hoodies!