Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Voodoo New Year News!

We've had a fantastic Christmas on Voodoo Street, with friends and family.  In spite of a disastrous Christmas dinner (don’t go there), we’ve consumed an incredible variety of food and drink, from the hottest Mexican cheese known to mankind (the challenge being to eat it with a spoonful of Habanero sauce), the best ever roast spuds, an array of heart-bothering puddings, including a bowl of sherry served with a side order of trifle and a spiced orange cake, all washed down with tequila beers, our special reserve Voodoo Street cider and some re-discovered home made Elderberry wine, which, over time, has morphed into a sherry like no other!  Trust us, anything that can drive you to applying lipstick to mini burgers and dressing with table confetti in order to turn them into “talking party food” is worth a try!

In between, we’ve managed to squeeze in one pitiful run and a couple of bracing walks.  In fact, the winter storms have added a certain frisson of excitement to these walks, which have been re-christened “branch dodgers.”

We haven’t hit the sales as yet, as we’ve been too busy thinking of some exciting offers for you good people.  Follow us on twitter (@VoodooStreet) for up-to-date details on these.

Whatever you’re up to tonight, enjoy!  All that remains is for us to wish you all a truly awesome 2014! 

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