Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Soft launch...

Who else but Voodoo Street would choose to launch a new clothing brand selling predominantly T-shirts during what is now officially recognised as the wettest and stormiest winter on record!

Undeterred, we’ve been busy working up new designs, getting to know our uber-cool followers and doing a little promotion here and there.

We met with the guys from Unit3Sixty on 4th February at their first public consultation.  Cool to see so many skaters turning up.  Look out for Voodoo Street merchandise in future Unit3Sixty promotional events.  We’re proud to support such good guys.

Inspired by that meeting, we’ve returned to our roots.  We’re off to the  SuperX in Manchester in April.  We’re also hoping to rock up to a few of the Vdub events running throughout the UK this Spring and Summer.

The youngest member of our team, who just turned 9, is stickering up his new stunt scooter, trying out new designs for us.  Our stickers are attracting their own following!  Anyone wishing to sticker bomb their wheels (BMX, skateboard, scooter, car or surf bus) keep checking in on the website, as we regularly add new ones.

We’re also due to make our first appearance in the local press.  The Stourbridge News has featured us in its pages.  We tried to persuade them to let us appear in the photos donning masks - think DaftPunk (or for the 90s brigade, KLF), but they were having none of it, so we can only apologise in advance for our mug shots!  Just focus on the clothes and the street art backdrop.  The sun came out for us too, which we hope is an omen!

As ever, don’t forget to sign up to our contacts list for the latest news/exclusive offers.  You can also find us on Facebook at, Twitter (@VoodooStreet) and bombard us with your questions on tees, life and the universe at

Speak soon!

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