Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bloomin' June

Hope you all managed a break from the grind over Easter and the May Bank holidays.

We’ve hit the road quite a bit recently, heading up to Manchester for the BMX Supercross on Good Friday, taking the younger members of our team to the Insomnia Gaming Festival in Coventry and chasing the sun all the way to Cornwall last week.  Our Instagram followers have been treated to regular updates from action shots of the BMX competitors to gaming festival pics where pretty much everyone had a ponytail and/or a dose of acne. We spotted several confused looking dads roaming around the arena wondering how the hell they had ended up in the Minecraft Zone! 

Last week, we headed to North Cornwall in our ageing Golf - roof box all stickered up for the journey.  The waves were disappointingly flat (to quote Gaz, “Flat as a witch’s t**!,”) which leads me nicely to our pilgrimage to the Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle last week, which even had it’s own Voodoo display! 

It wasn’t all play last week.  In between the sun, sea and cider, we still found ourselves posting out sticker packs on a daily basis.  As you will have noticed, the Voodoo Street brand now includes a pretty cool range of stickers.  Hot rod enthusiasts, surf bus/campervan owners, BMX riders and skaters are coming out of the woodwork and showing love for our limited edition vinyl sticker accessories. 

New designs are tested on Ebay, so check us out:

…and give our regular bidders some competition!  We also sell through our website, Facebook page and via Amazon.  As we speak, we’re compiling sticker packs specifically aimed at surfers, skaters and hot rod owners.  Gareth’s prolific at the moment, so keep checking in.  There are new designs all the time.

Meanwhile, we’ve produced a limited run of kids’ tees (age 9-11) in two designs.    They are very robust and, we are told, apparently don’t require ironing!  We only have a few left, but the response has been encouraging.  At only £12.00 (free postage) we think they’re a bargain.

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