Thursday, 16 October 2014

Getting Our Groove On

We have finally christened our illustrated man, thanks to our two Facebook follower winners, Charlie O'Hare and Rachel Louise Lunt.  Now, when we dress (and, more to the point, undress) our mannequin and we actually know his name (Dr Edwin Jones), so it's less...awkward.

Facebook followers may also have noticed a couple of Wednesdays ago, we posted a link to an Undertones song featuring Wednesday in the title.  For some reason (wishful thinking?), we always think of Wednesday afternoons as gathering pace for the weekend and feel the urge to celebrate.  So yesterday, we interrupted our news feed with some classic Jimmy Hendrix - Voodoo Child.  From now on, we're christening Wednesdays, "Get-a-wiggle-on-Wednesdays!"  Any song nominations are welcome - just steer clear of boy bands and Bieber!  

Now that the weather's turned pants, we're taking stock.  Literally.  We're going to be adding beanie hats and hoodies.  Keep your eyes open and your ears uncovered and we'll update you as the new stuff arrives.  Also on their way are more of our popular hot rod tees - in "man size" and in hoodies - (we hear you!) and some logo tees.

Finally, we are in the process of adding to our Voodoo Street Vintage line - currently featuring our "Haunting of Voodoo Street" retro hoodies.  From time to time we come across vintage items, something a bit special, we think you will love.  Given the success of our Vespa/Lambretta/Mod-inspired stickers, when we discovered a little cache of genuine vintage Mod scarves, we couldn't turn them down.  These are one offs and should appeal to all men who like to look dapper once in a while.  Everyone from Johnny Depp via Paul Weller and Martin Freeman to Liam Gallagher has been spotted wearing one of these scarves.

CJ has for this purpose, assumed the roles of blogger, fashion stylist and photographer.  Plus Dr Jones seems a little more upbeat, as these threads make a nice change from T-shirts!  He scrubs up well don't you think?  Little does he know that he's going to be donning Cuban shirts next, but more of that soon...

Vintage Mod Scarf No. 13

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