Thursday, 8 September 2016

Run to the Hills

After a summer of thrills and spills, this week marked the come down.  A new school year, Monday blues, a frenzied and sustained house cleaning session, the filling of endless charity shop bags (again - where does it all come from?!), stock taking, admin and late night random cat rescue operations.  It was ugly. 

Relief came via a friend’s phone call, although even this was only temporary, as he happened to ask about plans for the weekend.  Only Busfest, the biggest international VW show on the calendar! 

Photo credit:  Simon Holloway
Obviously it’s been on the cards for months now, but I realised I had failed to rise to my own challenge, namely how to best display a batch of logo scarves we produced earlier this year.

Logo Cotton Squares - - £7.00
The design and quality are bang on, it’s just finding a way of presenting them at shows and festivals without making them look....well, flaccid.  I have all but given up hope of designing the perfect scarf prop, but our mate Vicky reminded me of a book I had gifted to someone, “50 Ways To Wear a Scarf.”  So now, I have set myself a new and totally unrealistic challenge – a demonstration of various ways to creatively don a 45 x 45 cm square of cotton.  Spoiler alert:  I won’t make it to 50.

First up – The Messy Bun!

Our recent visit to Camper Calling saw me hijack regular customer Gemma Nisbet when I noticed her wearing one of our scarves tied around her up do.  I felt unable to go in for the real close up.  No one wants that.  Ever.  Especially on a Sunday morning after one hell of a Saturday night!  Therefore, I have replicated the look for your viewing pleasure and vow to you that I will attempt to photograph a number of alternative looks during the coming weeks, for men, women, animals and vegetables.

So, as I mentioned, we’re running to the hills this weekend – Malvern to be precise.  We’re stocked to our tired and bloodshot eyeballs with fresh supplies.  Our urban army caps have proved such a hit, we’ve rolled out our understated label-only formula to some herringbone weave flat caps.
Vintage Style Flat Cap - £9.99

In terms of stickers, we’re embracing the Busfest zombie theme. Our new Zombie Camping Permit stickers will be available (alongside previous zombie inspired designs) with a cool little Union Jack tax disc holder for you to stick to your windscreens!  Plus we now have stickers for pretty much any type of VW bus.  Come and find us in A06!

I’m also strangely excited to see Dr and the Medics...although I doubt I'll manage to pull off a repeat performance of ABC’s Camper Calling set and secure a song dedication from the lead singer.

So, hopefully we'll see some of you at Busfest.  It’s not every day you get to sign off a blog this way, but catch you soon, assuming my grey matter hasn’t been sucked out through a straw by the living dead!

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